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We can supply you with the full range of options and accessories Holytek has to offer. Each Holytek Auto Programmable Cut Off Saw comes configured to suit your specifications.

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Holytek Auto. Programmable Cut-off Saw – P40, P40X, P50, P50X, S-450, S-600

P40, P40X, P50, P50X

Holytek’s new precision, compact auto programmable & position cut off saw, P series are ideal for mass material preparation and finger jointing. They are easy to operate with a high-speed feed up to 60 M/min and high cutting accuracy within + 0.1 mm using servomotor control and a micro-computer setting device. The tilting feed table ensures straight workpiece feeding eliminating any skew. These saws run at low noise and fitted with safety guards to ensure safe operation.

S-450, S-600

The S series automatic programmable cut off saw is ideal for finger joining material and mass material preparation. Performing defective part cutting and fixed-size cutting for meeting various cutting requirements. With a fast feeding speed up to 90 M/min and its high-speed processing, the saw offers high stability and cutting accuracy to +0.5 mm, solving rigid cutting problems.  Equipped with an automatic trimming off head workpiece (unavailable in marking lines cutting mode) the S-450 and S-600 have 100 sets of memory data as standard with an option to be able to connect with USB slot. There is the option of various lengths of infeed table to suit your requirements.

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