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We can supply you with the full range of options and accessories Holytek has to offer. All Holytek Holytek Band Saw & Band Saw Feeder machines come configured to suit your specifications.

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Holytek Band Saw & Band Saw Feeder – HB-600, HB-700, HB-500R, HB-600R, HB-700R,

HF-150A, HF-150 (Band Saw Feeder)

This range of band saw is built to last with their heavy rigid frame and all cast iron flywheels. Engineered with the latest technical concepts for a high level of safety and dependability.

HB-600, HB-700 Band Saw

For extra rigid side support, the HB-600 and HB-700 band saws are complete with Bakelite fitted on the blade guide assembly which proves helpful when a blade is applied.  The operator can enjoy high flexibility when it comes to blade adjustment. Each bandsaw includes five Blade adjustment mechanisms.

  1. Blade guide fixing knob
  2. Blade guide raising handwheel
  3. Blade track adjustment knob
  4. Blade tension handwheel
  5. Blade tension indicator

For ease of operation, the table of each band saw can tilt up to 45 degrees from the front downwards by direct hand tilting. A 5HP motor powers the HB-600, it has a 600mm saw wheel diameter with a cutting capacity of 350mm (height) x 580mm (width). The HB-700 runs with a 7.5HP motor, fitted with a saw wheel diameter of 700mm and has a cutting capacity of 420mm (height) x 678mm (width). These band saws offer high-quality cutting and reliable operation.

HB-500R, HB-600R, HB-700R

For accurate blade tracking the saw wheels on the HB-500R, 600R and 700R models are laminated with rubber. A positive grip for maximum blade durability. These models have a 500mm-700mm saw wheel diameter. Convenient side guard adjustment made possible by the micrometric adjustment knob for use with narrow blades.  Powered by a 2HP motor HB-500R has a cutting capacity of 300mm (height) x 475mm (width). A 3HP motor powers the HB-600R, this band saw has a cut capacity of 350mm (height) x 580mm (width) equipped with a 5HP motor the HB-700R and a 420mm (height) x 678mm (width) cutting capacity. These band saws are ideal for cutting angled or curved workpieces.

HF-150A, HF-150 (Band Saw Feeder)

The HF-150A and HF-150 models both have a roller length of 150mm, a feed speed of 2-30 m/min (variable) and feed opening of 125mm. Controlled by an air cylinder, the pneumatic feed roller motion provides automatic and convenient adjustment for various stocks. The feeding pressure is adjustable, and a 1HP motor drives the feed roller, providing a powerful, and smooth feed performance. Pneumatic filter and pedal control unit are both supplied as standard. The mechanical power feeder increases the efficiency of straight cutting operations and eliminates accidents that can occur with hand feeding. The feed direction is reversible, and the infinitely variable feed speed makes it capable of feeding all types of wood for smooth cutting.

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