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We can supply you with the full range of options and accessories Holytek has to offer. Holytek spindle shapers come configured to suit your specification.

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Spindle Shapers – HS-625M, HS-625MS, HS-625T, HS-625TS, HS-525M, HS-525MS, HS-525T, HS-525TS, HS-735M, HS-735MS, HS-735T, HS-735TS (With tilting spindle, sliding table)

The Holytek 625 series spindle shapers deliver precise and vibration-free shaping operations. Powered by a 7.5 HP motor with reversible switch 10HP motor (option) the spindle shaper gives you vigorous shaping processes. The large 1050 x 800 mm cast iron table is surface precision ground and reinforced for maximum robustness. Interchangeable spindles allow you to choose five spindle diameters, 3/4 “, 1”, 1-1/4”, 30 mm and 35 mm. The spindle has MK5 taper thereby assuring precision fitting. There are four precision-built models to choose from each one that guarantees smooth and precise shaping. The Holytek 525 series spindle moulder delivers precise and vibration-free shaping operations. Quick change spindle speeds allow speeds of 3.000, 4.500, 7.500 and 10.000 rpm driven by a four-speed pully. Simply loosening the lock lever and shifting the assembly changes the speed of the machine quickly and efficiently.  Powered by a 5HP spindle motor or an optional 7.5 HP motor the HS-525TS model with 900 x 230 mm sliding table & tilting spindle will give you more flexible functions and precision shaping operations. The heavy-duty Holytek 735 series industrial spindle moulder offers a large table size of 1220 x 930 mm and robust construction, guaranteed more accuracy, stronger design of spindle. The double-locked spindle enables safe rotation in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions. Powered by a 10 HP motor, cast grinding table with tilting spindle & sliding table function will give you more flexible precision operations.

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