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Product Description

We can supply you with the vast range of options and accessories Joos has to offer. The Joos Hydraulic Press comes configured to suit your specifications.

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The Joos-Quality-Press HP is the “classic” of company Joos, the first hydraulic press developed and manufactured for craftsmen. It has been continuously enhanced and is available in 10 different models. The Joos-Quality-Presses are known for their working longevity, stability and diversity of the equipment. These hydraulic veneer presses are available in electrically as well as medium heated or as cold presses. The range of models offer maximum pressures from 450 kN to 1500 kN and pressing surfaces from 1800 x 900 mm to 3100 to 1600 mm. As standard, electronic regulators control the temperature and pressure, enabling these exact parameters to be set to produce a perfect pressing result. Equipped with a swivelling control box, the Quality-Press HP allows the operator to have a clear view of the pressed material even from the long or small side of the press increasing operational safety. As an option, a Touch panel with PLC as a central interface for operating the press is available with pressing parameters such as pressure pressing time and dimensions of the parts etc, can be set from here. Fitment of an A.B.S.-Safety-System protects the heating platens, the machine, and the material. When materials are loaded Incorrectly, or when parts are forgotten micro sensors immediately registers this the press opens automatically.

Standard Features
  • Joos-A.B.S.-Safety-System
  • Golden anodized heating platens
  • Dynamic piston bearing
  • Clearly arranged swivelling control box
  • Heating options: electric, hot water, thermo-oil
  • Execution as one or multi daylight press
  • Variable hoist limiting
  • Electronic temperature control systems
  • Heat coupling to the house heating

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