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We can supply you with the vast range of options and accessories Bio4 Heating has to offer. All Bio4 Heating Industrial Heaters come configured to suit your specifications.

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Industrial heaters for burning Wood, Wood Waste, Sawdust, Woodchips, Pellets, Briquettes

Bio4 Heating hot air generators produce high thermal efficiency for use in heating industrial and civil buildings. The heaters internal shell is a refractory inox-steel whilst the external casing is painted or galvanized carbon plate panels, for a perfect seal of the hot air re-circulation. There are various models available in a variety of sizes with heating powers ranging from 14,90 kW to 407,05 kW and heated volumes from ± 900 m³ to ± 20.000 m³. The ECO system models enable recycling of up to 70% of the combustion gases by re-transmitting them into the combustion chamber. ECO system models emit less carbon dioxide as it discharges a reduced CO² type of soot from the chimney; therefore enabling, heating power and thermal efficiency to increase; simultaneously the consumption of burned material reduces by at least 20%. Most manual Bio 4 heaters are available with automatic feeder.

Automatic Feeders

The top of the range design of the Bio4 Heating series feeders enable efficient feeding of pellets or wood waste such as sawdust, shredded wood, pellets, briquettes, and (large and small) wood chips to hot air generators. These versatile automatic feeders’ main advantages are their efficiency and work for loading, to feed the appropriate quantity into the hot air generator, to emit the right amount of heat and to reduce the consumption of the generator itself. Its cubic hopper has a mechanical agitator preventing the creation of fuel gaps, blocks or bridges during the feeding process and continuously remixes the stored material. These feeders feature two screw-conveyors. A mechanical system moves the material from the tank into the first screw-conveyor, which charges the second-one, pushing the solid fuel into the combustion chamber. The lower screw-conveyor continuously empties itself and features a structural stop for the fire so the flames cannot return into the feeder.

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