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The Vacomat 180 XP(e) mobile dust extractors are capable of an airflow of up to 2,610 m³/h. This dust extractor is for either single- or multi-machine extraction. Extraction of extremely high, fine dust and chips pneumatically and conveyed, making it ideal for dust extraction from long belt sanders, spindle moulders or small wide belt sanders in a safe negative pressure process. As standard, extraction is started manually with the simple push of a button. Available upon request, there is also the option of an automatic fan start-up when the connected machine is on. The dust and chips are discharged into two dust-tight plastic sack-lined chip collection tanks (2 x 240 l). A negative pressure duct holds the film sack in place in the collection tank. There are windows provided for inspecting the chip and dust level. Additionally, installation of a level monitor to prevent overflow is available on request. For maximum operational reliability, the mobile dust extractor monitors the extraction performance via a load cell. Rather than discharging to two chip collection tanks, the extractor can be combined with a Schuko briquetting press to enable low dust disposal.

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