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We can supply you with the vast range of options and accessories Schuko has to offer. The Schuko Paint Mist Extraction Wall comes configured to suit your specifications. Contact us for a quote tailored to your specific needs

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The Schuko FarbMeister Paint Mist Extraction Wall is the largest in the range of spray walls. The maximum extraction surface area if this unit is 2.29 x 4.14 m (w x h) for large parts. Paint mist is Suctioned and filtered through a three-stage separation system. The FarbMeister offers the additional option of a deflector surface consisting of a cardboard filter mat or metal ribs. Cardboard filter mats – The solid particles first hit the cardboard filter mats. Paint particles pass through it and are trapped in the retention pockets of the filters where they accumulate there and cure. Then the non-woven fibreglass fine filter reliably filters out the remaining particles. Metal rib – Here functions by repeated deflection of the airstream by a labyrinth of ribs, reduce the airspeed allowing most solids to be separated from the airstream. The fine dust filter mat behind the ribs trap any of the remaining solid particles before the purified exhaust airstream is expelled outside the building. As an accessory, an unwinding device with a non-woven filter roll is available. Floor drip pans with gratings is another optional installation, to prevent paint from dripping onto the workshop floor.  With a height of 100 mm they can be bevelled on the edges or flush-mounted in the floor. The exhaust line expels the purified exhaust air outside the building. A supply air system is essential for pressure compensation for a unit of this size, positioned to ensure that the supply air supports the extraction action. Another useful add on is a pneumatic energy-saving flap-type valve for lowering energy consumption. It will ensure that when the spray gun is in the holder airflow is reduced, for example, for setup or flash-off operation. When the spray gun removed from its holder the airflow automatically returns to full capacity.

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