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We can supply you with the vast range of options and accessories Makor has to offer. The Makor Sanding & Denibbing Machine comes configured to suit your specification.

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Sanding & Denibbing Machine – Pegaso Plus –  High Stability and Robustness

Makor have manufactured the Pegaso plus for the efficient sanding and denibbing of panels and kitchen doors. It is the ideal machine for the processing of flat base and shaped upper profile workpieces. This machine effortlessly removes the wood fibres created from the raw material during the milling process or by the application of the base coat. The Pegaso Plus features a robust steel structure, intuitive control panel and a high grip belt with a set of rubber-coated pressure rolls ensuring a stable machine to competently sand workpieces quickly and with ease.  Sanding is carried out by two groups of counter-rotating brushes and a group of cup-like brushes.

Radial brushing unit composed of 11 brushes, 240 mm in diameter, placed in two rows. These brushes have variable speed adjustable by inverter and rotate in two directions alternatively.

Features & Accessories Include
  •  A robust modular design, configurable with one or more cup-like brush units and one or more roller sanding units
  •  Tilting and oscillating roller units for better sanding
  •  Oscillating cup sanding unit
  •  Sanding speed adjustable by inverter

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