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We can supply you with the vast range of options and accessories Schuko has to offer. All Schuko Stationary Dust Extractors come configured to suit your specifications.

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The Schuko Vacomat N-1000 and N-1800 are stationary dust extractors which narrow the gap between mobile dust extractors and industrial filtration systems. The technical diversity of the Vacomat N-1000 and N-1800 is beneficial for small to medium-sized companies, as well as for large-scale industries, to help enhance the central extraction system. Schuko’s Vacomat combines all advantages of a large-scale industrial filtration system in a compact, adaptable, and highly efficient centralised dust extractor. The fundamental distinctive feature compared with similar devices lies in the design: The stationary Vacomat can be operated at a maximum flow rate of 8,000 m³/h and equipped with an automatic powder extinguisher (under EN 16770). This dust extractor is ideal for installation both indoors and outdoors. With a dry extinguishing line and pressure relief surfaces (according to EN 12779), the dust extractor becomes a small filtration system for air volumes of up to 8,000 m³/h. As a filtration system, the Vacomat is only for outdoor installation. These stationary extractors are versatile systems with a wide variety of options available as standard, making the Schuke Vacomat N-1000 and N-1800 cost-effective for a powerful compact dust extraction system.

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