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We can supply you with the vast range of options and accessories Martin has to offer. All Martin Thickness Planer machines come configured to suit your specifications for wood or plastics.

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The Martin T45 thickness planer is quick, easy to use and operates with extremely low noise levels. Achieve a high level of repeat machining precision accuracy every time thanks to the compact, heavy machine frame, 4-point table lifting system of the thicknessing table along with the electronic positioning control for the table height. This programmable control unit allows storage of up to 99 planing dimensions. It is also possible to enter a single table height setting with the ability to move in increments of just 0.1mm. Other standard features of the Martin T45 include a four knife TERSA cutter block, 5.5kw main motor with soft start and braking device and centralised lubrication points for simple maintenance. Choose between the ‘Unique’ T45 Contour 15 and 25 models. The Contour 15 can profile depths up to 15mm. If there are no profile cutters installed in the cutter block, then the T45 Contour 15 is a complete planer. Whereas with the Contour 25 you can profile a depth up to 25mm and plane to a limited degree.  Additional options include table extensions, variable feed speeds and special features developed specifically for machining plastics.

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