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Product Description

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LR520 wood shredder

  • 1kW Rated capacity of the rotor
  • 516 x 830 Mm Feed opening
  • 12×30 mm Fraction sizes (based on the screen)
  • 1srm/h Maximum throughput capacity

Compact and reliable 1-shaft shredding system

The LR520 wood shredder comes in at 1m².  Its small size is not a compromise for power and reliability.  This single-shaft shredder for wood has been specially developed for smaller spaces and runs at a low noise level. In addition, its unique, pusher-free design featuring a pull-in mechanism ensures that it is reliable and has relatively low maintenance. The proven cutting system in the shredder can easily shred residual timber while only requiring a drive capacity of 11 kW. If the machine stands idle for over 3 minutes, it will shut down automatically. This wood shredder is equipped with a foreign object detection system and an automatic shut-down function to prevent damage to the shredder cutters. The LR520 can easily shred any type of wood, such as waste wood, chipboard, and long splinter wood. The large wood chip quality produced by the shredder is ideal for thermal utilisation or incineration in a wood chip heating system, or for the manufacture of wood briquettes.


  • 3-year care-free warranty on purchasing a UNTHA wood shredder

Pipe magnets

  • Each shredder is equipped with pipe magnets to separate metal pieces from the wood. We can offer you different pipe magnets depending on your application.


  • Extraction hood – easily connect your existing extraction system to the wood shredder and transport the granulate to the chippings and shavings silo.
  • Flexible conveyor screw

Shaftless conveyor spirals are a cost-effective alternative to traditional conveyor screws. The flexible conveyor spirals come in various lengths and diameters. Untha offers a customised solution for your application.

Conveyor screw

Our wood shredders can be equipped with a discharge screw as well as a conveyor screw. Depending on your application, Untha offers you customised solutions in various lengths and inclines.


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