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Used Brandt KDF 1660 Profiline

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Product Description

Used Brandt KDF 1660 Profiline
Year 2011

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  • Feed Speed 8-18m/min
  • Workpiece Thickness 8-60mm
  • Edge Coil 0.4-3mm
  • Edge Strip 0.4-15mm
  • Pre-Milling 2X2.2kw
  • Pre-Heating Unit
  • Quickmelt Application Unit
  • Quickmelt Pre-Melter
  • Pressure Zone with motor driven adjustment
  • End Trim Unit
  • Pneumatic adjustment End Trimming Chamfer / Straight
  • Pneumatic 2 Point Adjustment End Trimming
  • Rough Trimming Unit 2X0.55Kw
  • Pneumatic adjustment Trimming Unit
  • Pneumatic 2 Point Adjustment Flush or Overhang
  • Trimming Unit 2X0.55Kw Synchronism
  • Pneumatic 2 point adjustment
  • Program adjustment – Lateral sensing
  • Program adjustment to edge thickness
  • Multifunctional Contour Trimming Unit 2X0.35Kw
  • Profiule Scraping unit – Quick Change heads
  • Pneumatic adjustment profile scraping unit
  • Glue Joint Scraping Unit
  • Buffing Unit
  • PC 20
  • Optimised Workpiece Gaps
  • V-Belt Top Pressure Belt
  • Separating Agent Spray Device
  • Detergent Spraying Unit
  • Automatic Edge Infeed Device
  • Multiple Roller Sensing Fine Trimming Unit
  • Multiple Roller Sensing Rough Trimming Unit
  • Special Sensing for Scraping Unit
  • Interface for Ligmatech ZHR05

Return System not included.

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