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Used Homag KAL 210 & Ligmatech ZHR05

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Product Description

Homag KAL 210 & Ligmatech ZHR05
Year: 2014
Available – Mid December

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  • Workpiece Thickness: 8-60mm
  • Edge Material Coil: 0.3-3mm
  • Edge Material Strip: 0.4-20mm
  • Separating Agent Spraying Unit Top & Bottom
  • Joint Trimming Unit
  • QA65 Application unit for PUR
  • PUR Pre-melter 6-12kg/hr
  • Quick Clamping System for quick change application unit
  • Magazine with 2 coils
  • Pressure Zone
  • Snipping Unit HL84
  • Pre-Trimming Unit BF10
  • Profile Trimming Unit FK11
  • Profile Scraping Unit PN10
  • Glue Joint Scraper
  • Buffing Unit
  • Power Control PC22
  • Sliding Carriage at Infeed
  • Detergent Spraying Unit
  • Workpiece Guidance Profile Trimming
  • Automatic adjustment pressure zone
  • Pneumatic adjustment of the snipping motors for flush or overhang snipping
  • Pneumatic adjustment pre-trimming unit for flush or overhang trimming
  • Automatic adjustment from chamfer to radius trimming in case of profile trimming
  • Pneumatic adjustment FA11 for moving away out of the working zone
  • Remote control for set-up mode
  • Preinstallation Boomerang
  • Ligmatech ZHR05 Included

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