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Product Description

We can supply you with the vast range of options and accessories MobyLift has to offer. All MobyLift vacuum lifters come configured to suit your specifications.

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Use the convenient MobyLift vacuum lifter to pick up, lift, transport and place all kinds of products like doors, blades, panels and boards. Forget the inconvenience of setting up heavy machinery to move your products. The MobyLift is easy to operate, highly productive, reduces the chances of product damage, and prevents spinal injuries within your workforce. The MobyLift vacuum lifter was developed in partnership with industry experts. Available in several versions.

The MobyLift MC-120 is ideal for the transport and fitting of interior doors. As an option, the MC-120 is available to work from a stack.

Easily assembled and disassembled for transport. As standard, this vacuum lifter comes with a 24V charger for electric lifting and tilting system battery and a LED battery meter to check load capacity.

The MC120 chassis is mounted on four wheels, two being caster wheels. For optimum stability, the tread width can be ajusted and the chassis is equipped with counterweights. Powered by a remote control unit, the electric lifting and tilting system is mounted on the chassis and consists of a crane. 

The crane controls the lifting block that holds the automatic vacuum unit which has a variable height of 3 positions. For maximum manoeuvrability, this vacuum lifter features a rotating and swivelling head to manually move the vacuum unit in any direction. 

The automatic vacuum unit consists of a frame equipped with four extension brackets with heavy-duty suction cups attached. Each suction cup is equipped with a cock, to (dis)connect with the vacuum system. The vacuum unit is equipped with a self-supported vacuum system. Once the system is switched on, it will regulate the under-pressure automatically.


  • Maximum working load 120 kg
  • Lifting height 100 cm, electrically powered
  • Tilting angle forward-backwards 37°, electrically powered
  • Swivelling angle left – right 180°
  • Rotating ability 360° endless
  • Side shift 7 cm
  • Total weight 150 kg, modular system, quick and easy disassembly

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Vacuum Lifter



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