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Schuko Compacto Briquetting Presses make it easy for you to dispose of dust and shaving waste economically and compactly without generating significant amounts of dust. The Compacto Briquetting Press uses hydraulic compaction to press the loose shavings into briquette form. Depending on the type of shavings, the volume can reduce to as little as 1/5 of the original volume. As the Briquettes are compact, they can be stored in small spaces and easily transported. Additionally, it is possible to store wood briquettes safely because there are no ATEX zones needed in the storage area. By burning self-produced wood briquettes, you can save over 83% in the cost of heating. Burning two kilograms of wood briquettes can replace a litre of heating oil. Waste material is now economical raw material minimising energy costs. Schuko’s Briquetting press offers diverse application areas for various types of materials. Depending on the material type, moisture content and bulk weight, approx. 30 to 250 kilograms of material processed to form pellets every hour. The press is mounted in a variety of ways, even with systems which are already in place. With the choice of different sizes and performance levels, the system works efficiently in any given situation it only consumes energy where needed and no more. This press offers Environmental protection via the oil level monitor where the press shuts down in cases of oil loss. Monitoring the temperature and level of hydraulic oil ensures high operational reliability and overheating protection.

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