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We can supply you with the full range of options and accessories Holytek has to offer. All Auto Copy Shaping Machines come configured to suit your specifications.

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Auto Copy Shaping Machines LH-80-3PS, LH-80-4PS, LH-100-3PS, LH-100-4PS, LH-60, LH-80, LH-100, LH-120

The Holytek auto-copy shaping machine series is the most comprehensive range of models to meet various working applications such as internal or external shaping, door panel making and auto dovetail tenoning. This range has various machine sizes available with workpiece capacities from 1”-120” suitable for solid products, plywood, acrylic, and bentwood etc. Each machine has a robust structure, a spindle diameter of ø30 mm and is capable of spindle speeds of up to 9000 rpm. Holytek has manufactured these shaping machines for top operational performance as well as product quality and high production capacity.


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