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We can supply you with the full range of options and accessories Holytek has to offer. Holytek Double-End Tenoners can be configured to suit your specifications.

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Double-End Tenoners (DS-TYPE) DET-DS68, DET-DS88,

Each DS-type double-end tenoner in this series is equipped with a user-friendly digital width controller for accurate width setting. A feed link chain with needle bearings increase wear resistance and precision linear guideways to ensure accuracy. The top and bottom saw construction helps to avoid tears when cutting laminated panels. To facilitate adjustment, the scoring and main saw blades are positioned closely. Powered by high-frequency motors the moulding systems can swivel up to +90ᴼ. Oscillating sanding ensures an extremely fine surface is accomplished. This profile sanding system is capable of swivelling to angles up to +90ᴼ.

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