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We can supply you with the vast range of options and accessories Schuko has to offer. The Schuko Paint Mist Extraction Wall comes configured to suit your specifications. Contact us for a quote tailored to your specific needs

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The Schuko FarbMax Paint Mist Extraction wall is the perfect paint system for small rooms and workshops. It is a highly effective separation process by three-stage filtration of paint mist. With compact construction and a low installation depth of just 800 mm it is ideal for installation directly on the wall to save space. The parts to be painted are positioned in front of the extraction wall allowing the overspray is collected by the extraction system. It firstly hits the front cardboard filter. Paint particles then enter the retention pockets of these filters and accumulate there and cure. In the next stages, the additional particles remaining in the airstream get filtered out through non-woven fibreglass and a fine filter. Once solids are removed, the clean exhaust air is blown through the wall or ceiling to the surroundings via the exhaust system. The area where the extraction wall is set up must have sufficient new fresh air due to the negative pressure produced by the extraction process. The installation of air supply systems equipped with heat exchangers is available on request. These systems transfer heat from the exhaust air to the new fresh air and can generate heat which can lead to substantial heating cost savings in the winter. The ease of access to the spray wall makes replacement of the economical filters fast and easy. Drip pans are an additional option which catches the paint mist and keep the floor clean.

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