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We can supply you with the vast range of options and accessories Schuko has to offer. All Schuko Spray Booth Extraction Solutions come configured to suit your specifications.

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Schuko’s underfloor extraction system is an efficient spray booth for superior surface results. There are no disruptive add-ons with this underfloor extraction that could generate air turbulence. The overspray is collected effectively over the entire surface area. As the assembly is flush with the floor level, even heavy and bulky parts can easily be slid on and sprayed.  Installation of a ceiling air make-up unit with the appropriately sized filter surface area is directly above the underfloor extraction system. Due to this system of make-up air and exhaust air, a downward-directed vertical airflow is generated to guarantee the reliable collection of paint mist and high sprayed surface quality. Automatic delayed switch-off for flash-off and drying of freshly sprayed parts can easily be added. There is a constant supply of fresh clean air to the spray booth. An air make-up unit is responsible for supplying fresh air and regulating its temperature and is essential for optimal working conditions. Installation of a crossflow heat exchanger can use the warm exhaust air from the spray booth to heat the fresh air which can save you up to 50 to 60 per cent in energy costs. Switchgear cabinets made in-house by Schuko and individually programmable controllers enhance the efficiency and user-friendliness of the spray booth.

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